Monday, February 7, 2011

I got taller!

Greetings blogreaders!  Today has been such a wonderful day, and it isn't even over yet.  I woke up super early today to run a few errands, then I was off to the gym for Manic Monday.  First stop was weighing in and I am proud to say that as of today, I am officially under 200 pounds.  Did you hear me?  UNDER 200 pounds.  It has been at least middle school since I was this weight.  I am so so so so so incredibly happy about this.  I have worked so hard for it and my work has paid off.

Next on the agenda was talking with the awesome Chris O'Hearn.  Today really showed off my progress and he was the second person to tell me today that I looked taller.  I guess my confidence is just soaring now, so I feel the need to stand up a little more.  It's so exciting.  Then, I got to tell Chip the big news since it was training day.  I also wore a new outfit to the gym today that my momma bought for me so that I can look as good as I feel.   I go in for a follow up FIT test tomorrow to see how much I have improved since this journey began. I absolutely cannot wait to see the results. 

Today was also my meeting with my wonderful dietician, Ms. Barbara.  She told me that I seem to be doing everything right, and to just keep up the good work.  We are still adding in new foods to the diet so I am excited about that too.  Oh, and I got another Bruce Pearl shoutout today!  Woo!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I am so happy for you! I know what a huge weight loss milestone that is and how good it feels!


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