Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seesaw Day!

Ever since beginning the Biggest Winner, I have had this small goal of being able to seesaw with my best friend Ashley.  I have always been about 100 pounds more than her, so obviously, seesawing would be a little difficult.  Well, today we adventured out to seesaw and it was so much fun.  I still weigh about 50 pounds more than her, but it is sooo much easier and way more fun.  We also had a little too much fun with her camera too by capturing the achievement of this goal!  Woo, see below.
The family of seesaws.

My beautiful best friend, Ashley

So excited to finally seesaw!

See, exercise can be fun!

We might have been having too much fun.

Up in the air!

Yeah, I was definitely having too much fun.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Great pics. You look fantastic.
    I wish there were still playgrounds like that around here. My kids would love that!


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