Thursday, August 18, 2011

window shopping!

Before I celebrated my best friend's birthday last night, I met up with Chandler and Kelly at the mall to do a little window shopping so we could plan our "first day of class" outfits.  Yes, we are classy adults, and no, we are not mature. So  there we are just walking along when Chandler grabs my arm and says, "oh. my gosh.  It's you". 

Sure enough, I look up and there is my photo plastered to a kiosk.  Guilty as charged.  At least it is a skinny picture.  What up Covenant Health. So glad I could be your poster child.

Still single.  Holla at your girl.

Tell me you see me.  Would it be intimidating or motivating knowing that an entire city knew all of your personal information like weight, body fat, and other embarrassing body measurement? 

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