Sunday, August 28, 2011

hip happens

That it does.  If you saw my hips, you would know that hip definitely does happen.  Please be jealous of my shirt.

The pink tie-dye makes it more fabulous.

My sweet Kinsi just got her an iPod touch.  She's seven so I guess to her it is like me getting a new Garmin watch.  She walks around the house tuning everyone else out with her loud music and when we actually get her to respond to us, then she's yelling since she can't hear herself.  It's so cute and really makes me want to be seven again.

So proud of her newest accessory.

I donned my cowboy boots tonight, and Kinsi has been obsessed with her hand-me-down snakeskin boots as of late, so we of course were twins.

Boot scootin' boogey.

Are you hip?  It happens.  Do you own any cowboy boots?  They are the most comfortable shoes I own!


  1. Love the shirt and the boots. I want cowboy boots!!!

  2. i NEED that shirt. hahaha! love it!

  3. That shirt rocks!! Wanted to stop by your blog since we will be meeting and all! :)

  4. I don't, but all my friends who still live in Knoxville do!


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