Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let's pretend for 5 minutes that we are actually our age.

Ashley and I are super good at acting our age.  Like, SUPER good.  Our church just had a kids carnival and the kid's director somehow twisted our arms to get us to "chaperone" the event.  Umm, part of that job description was to check out the equipment, right??

Obstacle course is our calorie burner for the day.

Inflatable wall?  No big deal.


So after eating only one sno cone each (I pinky promise it was just one!!), we had to chaperone the moon bounce.  Turns out that corraling kids to only go in 5 at a time is a real chore.  We ended up convincing the little monsters rascals to go check out some other attraction so that Ashley and I could enjoy the moon bounce to ourselves.  Real mature, ladies. 

Happiest chaperones you'll ever see.

I'm a sucker for a good sunset. 

Do you ever have problems acting your age?  It's just too fun to be a "kid".


  1. I felt this way when I had to take my 9th graders to the library to check out books. Instead of supervising the kids and making sure they weren't playing around, I kept being drawn to all the cool new adolescent lit. books!

  2. How could you resist the fun on a bouncy castle?! I would definitely be enjoying it as much as the little ones, haha!


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