Sunday, September 4, 2011

Race Day Goals

Last year, I did the Miner's Mile 5k race.  While I was horribly out of shape then and about 40 pounds heavier, I still managed to do it in 39 minutes.  I haven't trained, and I haven't ran in a few weeks, but I know I can beat that time this year.  Since the race is tomorow, I made a few goals for myself.  I'd be happy with accomplishing at least one of the following. 

A)  Finish the race.  It is only a 5k, but finishing is always the number one goal.

B)  Set a course PR.  This shouldn't be that hard to do after last year's time of 39 minutes flat, but a course PR is ALWAYS a confidence boost.

C)  Break 30 minutes.  NOT going to happen, but that is always my number one goal at any 5k since I have yet to do it.  I'm not trained, and my legs won't be fresh tomorrow, so not accomplishing this will definitely not be a heartbreaker.

D)  Have negative splits.  I'm really bad at setting a good pace for myself and usually start out way too fast then get super slow at the end and can't finish strong.  I'd love to set negative splits, even if I only knock off mere seconds.  Finishing strong would be icing on the cake.

E)  Finish in under 33 minutes.  Since I know that I won't be able to break 30 minutes, I'd at least like to beat the time I had in my last 5k, which was 33:04.  Knocking a whole 5 seconds off would be kinda nice. 

So here is my list of goals for tomorrow's race.  It won't be anything for the record books, but I'll be lapping everybody who is sleeping in on Labor Day.  Wish me luck and hopefully I'll come home with a course PR.

Are you racing on Labor Day??  What other plans do you have??


  1. I had no clue there was a race tomorrow! Good luck, friend! I know you will be great!

  2. Good luck on your 5k today (it probably already finished!) and I can't wait to hear how you did!


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