Wednesday, September 14, 2011

don't make me blow my whistle.

It was sports night at church tonight.  As with anything, I feel it is necessary to dress the part, no matter the occasion.  Tonight was no different, so I put on my ref gear and made Ashley be a faux dodgeball player.  Too legit to quit.

Put me in, Coach.

Setting the standards for sporty muscles.

While I was jumping up and down screaming obnoxious things about how cool it is to be a referee, this 3rd grader simply says "do you do that for exercise?".  Bless you, child.  Yes, I act crazy and call it exercise.  Calorie scorcher for sure. 

Lord willing that I am able to get up out of bed bright and early in the a.m., I'm planning on doing an EASY 3 miles.  Easy, I said.  I make no promises, but I'd like for it to happen.  Except I'm at school from 9-9.  Bummer.  Tomorrow also starts voting for Team Refuel.  Be sure to vote for me, Kelsey G, for awesomeness.  Thank you and God bless America.  (sorry I'm weird)

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