Friday, June 17, 2011

Bootcamp (round 2)

So the theme of the day is obviously Round 2 since I have began trying things more than once.  Go me, I know right!  The last time I went to bootcamp, I almost died and loved/hated it.  Yesterday's wasn't so bad.  My nieces came and showed their Aunt KK who was boss.  We skipped hill repeats and opted for ladders and sprints instead. Thank you, Lee!

The girls and me actually look happy to be there.  Blame the oversized pocket tee for my oversizedness.

I felt a lot better last night about doing bootcamp and actually enjoyed it.  From the soreness my booty is feeling today, I'd say my body loved it too.  Did I really just say that I enjoyed bootcamp?   Disregard that and go back to pretending that I'm just a whiner and a clockwatcher. 

When did it become appropriate for my 7 year old niece to beat me in EVERYTHING????

Make. It. Stop.

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