Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"You are such a 15 year old"

That gem of a quote came from Kim's daughter tonight while riding in the car.  As I already mentioned, Kim and I ran together tonight, then she was nice enough to have me over for din din.  Her hubby really knows how to grill a steak.  I prefer mine WELL DONE.  (sorry to all you hardcore medium rare people).  He did a super fab job making my steak nice and done and even boiled some corn too!

So manly with his steak and charcoal.

Of course I was just happy to be getting free food.  While waiting for Justin to cook our lovely meal, I played with her sweet kids and teased them like the big bully that I am.

Too bad I'm an only child; I'd make a great big sis!

After we ate dinner, we had to cut the evening short.  They just got a new puppy and it had a little fall tonight, (she fell from the bed of their truck) so they had to take it to the vet just to make sure everything was a-ok with the pup.  In case I haven't told you before, I'm totally not an animal person. But tonight, (to please the children, no doubt) I held the puppy. 

Ignore the 1213429439 chins and be proud that I'm holding little Sadie.  (she's okay, btw)

Tonight may have had a few mishaps, but I loved spending time with Kim and being part of her family.  Her children are so sweet and her poor 8 year old Annabelle must really think I'm little since she first thought I was 15, then proceeded to tell me that I'd be a super cool sister!  Duh.  Bonus points to her for liking Selena Gomez.

Din din.  Stop drooling.  I know it looks good.

Proof that real life friendship/sisterhood can happen through blogging!

What did you cook for dinner tonight?  Any cool stories to tell?

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  1. LOVE! My fave. I am so so so glad you came over, had dinner and most of played and liked my kids...even with their crazy antics! ;) And bonus points for playing with our pup!


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