Friday, June 10, 2011

Precious Cargo

So today I visited my wonderful marathon friend Robyn and got to chit chat for a while.  She was having a "giveaway day" in which she gave away things that she had came across while spring cleaning.  I totally racked up on goodies including running shoes for a friend, workout clothes, a lovely paisley cooler, baby clothes for sweet baby Dalton, and a baby jogger!  That's right, a baby jogger.  (In case you were unaware, I don't have a kid). 

Gotta have a way to run with this sweet thing.

So in order to test out this new contraption, I had to enlist the help from the Carnes'.  Sophi was more than willing to be my guinea baby and even put on a smile for the pictures that were obviously a given.  It rides so smooth and I can't wait to go for a run with it!  Thanks again, Robyn.

Precious cargo in tow.

Focus on those fierce looking calf muscles.  (Can you tell that this photo is completely staged?  Who runs in Chacos?)

She was so scared of the stroller that she retreated to her cardboard house.

Oh, and on the job front, I got my first paycheck today!  It was only for two days worth of work, but money is money.  Holla for moolah!

Hey boys, just because I'm a working girl doesn't mean I'm unavailable!  Holla!

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  1. You crack me up! Love the $$$$. Working women are hotttttt.
    I think we should do some bizarre race... Chacos as footwear..for racing! Seriously, they have Vibram bottoms. What's the big deal?? haha


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