Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kayaking and cougars

Summer is almost ending for most of the kids around here, but I still have a whole entire month of summer vacay left, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.  My mother very lovingly woke me up today and twisted my arm until I agreed to go walk three miles with her.  I decided to ONLY because she asked nicely. 

Today I also took an old friend kayaking down the Little River.  Too bad I don't have pics to share, but after 3 miles of paddling, my arms are hurting.  It was a great way to cool off today with the heat index being well over 100.  Boo hot summer!

THEN, as if my day wasn't already super cool, the 9 year old that lives down the road from me called me and asked me to go ride bikes with him!  Umm, of course this cougar said yes!  I love sweaty dates! I told him I'd only go if he took me out for ice cream afterwards.  Apparently, 9 year olds have empty pockets these days.

Tyler makes a great bike date. Does anyone notice how tall my seat looks?  Yeah, and that's a men's bike.

Right after biking, I went to big sis's house to see the kiddos and Kinsi lovingly agreed to an impromptu photo shoot with me, sweaty and all.  The things my nieces and nephew will do for a chance to appear on the blog.

That's my sweet girl.

They had some friends over tonight, and my girl Gracie matched me!!  We looked so cute.  Gracie is a girl after my own heart.  She prefers anything neon including pink, green, blue and purple.  I've taught them well.

She'll understand one day that documenting important twinsie moments is, well, important.

Did you have a good Thursday?  Are you a cougar?  What color would you prefer to don while training?

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  1. kayaking sounds so fun! love that you had a biking date with your 9 year-old neighbor. too funny! I LOVE pink/black combos!!!!!


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