Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What up wednesday?

That's right.  I had to show Wednesday who was boss this morning by dragging my booty out of bed and attempting to run.  I had decided beforehand to do a warm up walk, then do a 4:1 run/walk ratio.  But after I warmed up and started to run, my body was feeling really good.  (which by the way NEVER happens while running).  I told myself that if I could make it past the 4 minute mark and still feel good then I would just keep running until I reached a mile.

My plan worked.  I made it to a mile then did a recovery walk.  Then I pushed myself enough to run back.  For the first time in over 4 months, my run actually felt easy.  I wasn't breathing too hard and my legs weren't cursing at me.  This is major improvement.  But maybe it is the fact that I was running so slow.  Who knows?  Running is running.

Lap 1: 12:06   .75 miles warm up walk
Lap 2:  11:06     1.00 miles
Lap 3: 6:39     .41 miles walk for recovery
Lap 4: 15:56    1.43 miles.
Total 45:49  3.6 miles.


Oh no she didn't!

Wouldn't YOU be rather driving a Titelist?

Have you ever changed your workout plan mid-run?  Remember the first time a run felt easy for you?  Do you play golf?


  1. Of course I have. Many times.
    Yes, I still get excited ANY time a run feels easy. haha
    No. No. and no. I just am no good, even at mini golf.

    Hey, tell me... should I size up or stay the same in Toms??I need, er um, want a snazzy pair for the fall and mostly because of their awesome charity not because they look good because they just really don't (at least on me)..

  2. LOVE THISSSSSSSSS!!!! yeah! so awesome that you felt great! And I love that you said this: "running is running" so freaking are out there doing it and that is what counts more than anything else!

    I feel like I am constantly changing my workouts mid-run. I go out with a plan but then have to change based on how I am feeling.

    I AM TERRIBLE at golf. But I played softball and I am sticking with that as a good excuse on why I can't golf...

  3. Great job on the run!!!I I love it when running feels easy to me. When it doesn't I curse it and wonder what in the heck I am doing it for!! It seems like I am always changing during mid exercises. I try to listen to my body and do what feels good!


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