Monday, July 25, 2011

Tan lines and temptations!

Umm, so it was really hot today.  But that didn't stop me from waking up before 8 to meet Yvonne for a morning run/jog/walk.  Super hot.  Super humid.  But we prevailed.  It felt so good to sweat.  We stopped at the police chief's house to use his water hose as a water stop.  When we went walking two days ago, niece Kinsi said "You look like you are about to die" as I walked through the door.  Thank you 7 year old honesty. 

After doing 6.5 miles, we met up with my momma for an additional 3.5 so we hit double digits today.  Heck yes!  The result?  See below.

Compression shorts really make some sexy tan lines.

I still had to work tonight and boy were my shins hurting.  I strongly considered taking an ice bath tonight, but chickened out.  Plus, we don't have any ice.  But tomorrow is a super big day since the president of our corporate office is visiting us.  In his honor, I made a new friend.

I have real life friends too.  Promise.

And just so y'all know, working in our general store is super super tempting because I am surrounded by junk food all. day. long.  Really super hard, but I resist.  Bless my heart.

I spy with my little eyes: Salt and Vinegar chips!

Do you ever get bizzare tan lines?  Do you ever have to deal with daily tempation?

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  1. ahhhhhhhh. i used to get the WORST tan lines when I played softball. terrible terrible tan lines. haha. awesome run this weekend!!!

    those chips look so good. unfortunately (or fortunately?) i work at the food tempts me here. hahaha.


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